SBO on youtube and a new E.Y.E video
We have just found a video made by a buff. To see it go to youtube

Also here comes a video of our actual project E.Y.E showing some aspects of the game, this video is dated from August 2007, since that time the game has a lot evolved
hi res video
video youtube

Zorrole 15/11/2007
Streum On Studio
The website is now hosted by our studio, so its new adress becomes:
Zorro.93le 09/23/2007
SBO is coming back

As some of you have noticed the SBO wasn't available few days ago. We had dot some problems with our host but we are coming back hosted by the French website Nofrag. However we have lost some information of the database that's why the forum isn't yet available and that is also why the news are out of date. Here comes a little summary of the last news which have been lost with the database, I remind also to you that you can access SBO without any advertising by the following address : so don't forget to update your favourites.

In first the 1.38 of SBO is here, as it used to be, there are the full install for windows, the patch to go from the 1.37 the 1.38 and the full install for linux

Next, a part of the SBO team is working on a new total conversion for the Source Engine (Half Life2) named E.Y.E. For this project, we are looking for 3d and 2D artists, drawers, level designers, coders and people in charged of external relations (several posts as recruiting, giving information to the player community...) and people who accept to take the pose for fake advertising which will be displayed in the game. For more information about this new project you can go on the E.Y.E website and/or send a mail to the E.Y.E's team

To continue, a part of the SBO's team has also created a website dedicated to visual art named Another Vision Of Reality. You can find there drawings, photos of models photos of many places different and original as old careers or industrial development site..., videos and literature. To access to the website of Another Vision Of reality click here.
if you'd like to show your own works on Another vision of Reality, you can contact the Another Vision Of reality's team. Take notice that the team is looking for people who accept to be photographed for the models part of the website and also for pictures which will be used for the design of the website.

And finally a part of the team has also developed a collective named Ava which aims are to help and promote artistic and scientific projects notably with its website which is functioning as a community portal where every member can present his project and learn about projects of other members. For more information or to join us don't hesitate to go on the collective website or to mail the : Ava's team

Summary of the links :
The windows full install
the linux full install
patch 1.37 --> 1.38
New SBO address:
Another Vision Of Reality :
Ava collective:

Zorro.93le 01/11/2005
SBO 1.35 (Windows et Linux) & dédicated server

Here comes the 1.35

For those who have slept for a long time, we remember to you that SBO is still compatible with steam and also linux.

The 1.35 fixes some problems due to the 1.34 full install. So if you have the 1.33 or 1.34 on your pc, you just have to download the patch by clicking there.

if your version is out of date, you have to download the full install. You can do it here

For those who want the linux version, simply download it there

Now, speaking about the dedicated server. We thank the BR community to create it (if you understand fench language, go to there forum).

you can join the server by entering the follow informations

IP :
last known password : passe

NB : the password may change, the new one will be written in the server name.

Zorro.93le 22/11/2004
Bugs fixed

There is a problem with one file of the SBO 1.34 full install. That's why some of you have met problems with mines, game master mode and certainly other things. To fix it, you simply have to download the latest patch which upgrade SBO 1.33 or 1.34 to 1.35

You can download the 1,7 Mo patch, by clicking there

Zorro.93le 20/11/2004
SBO 1.34 for windows and Linux

To make happy some players who asked for it, the dammage for the benelli have been reworked and a linux version of the mod is now available. The bug that someone could find when they tried to create internet game on steam is also fixed

If you'd like to install SBO for linux download this install here and also the md5 available here

I you want to install windows version of SBO and that you didn't install version 1.33, you have to download the full install for windows by clicking there

And finally for those who already have the 1.33, you should donwload this patch (1.70 Mo)

Zorro.93le 22/09/2004
Project of a new coop mod by SBO's fans

Some players of SBO took the decision to do their own cooperative mod.

Some details about the mod are explained there: here

So if you want to help them you should be welcome.

Zorro.93le 25/08/2004
SBO 1.33
A minor bug has been detected in the 1.32, so this version fix it. If your current SBO version is 1.32, you can download the little patch (830 KB) by clicking here

If you have an older version, you have to download the full install by clicking there
Zorro.93le 11/08/2004
SBO 1.32
I think you understood that a new SBO version is out. :-)
In the 1.32 the gameplay has been another time improved. For example the shotgun and the sawed off will be more powerful and when you'll launch the eplosive (satchel), the model is by now the same as the ammunition's bag (Battle Royal friends would apreciate this little modification)

If your current SBO version is 1.31, you can download the little patch (850 KB) by clicking here

If you have an older version, you have to download the full install by clicking there
Zorro.93le 22/06/2004
SBO in English
Yes ! You are not dreaming the English part of this website is ready. Not fully but you can read news, download, see english comments for the screens...
Zorro.93le 26/06/2004