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This MOD is inspired of a role playing game of my creation modified for the occasion, and all the team consists of role playing players, which explains our debility. This MOD takes a negligible part of the role playing game.

You also have to know that for the RPG and this mod we took inspiration of many things we like as :

Sorry for those I forgot : Avalon (which inspired matrix 1 ,2 et 3, shame on matrix) ; Battlezone 2 , Total annihilation, (for the basically mission :)) ; Shadow of the blade (our paper RPG) ; Syndicate Wars ; Babylon 5, Akira ; Ghost in the shell ; Lord of the rings ; Blade Runner and the works of P. Dick ; Aliens (alien 2 J) ; The thing (for the beasts J) ; Prédator ; Doom I et II ; Deus Ex ; WarHammer 40000 (for the design and some aspects) ; Dungeon siege (for the XP system) ; UFO ; The Blade (the hk movie, not the one with the vampires) ; Excalibur (the movie and the legend) ; Elric (the book and the RPG) ; Shadow Run ? and also many other to long to be here. (ps :Si vous pensez qu?on vous a copié quelque chose, c?est que vous-même avez les mêmes inspirations que nous).


Chronologie : Years former to 2116 : Dark ages
Period from 2116 to 2250: the technological Middle Ages
From 2250 to 2379: Era of darkness
2380: rebirth and departure of the new era, it's the year 0...
Year 15: it's now that all starts.

The history of the Earth remains very dark because of the many wars and catastrophes whick tore it. We know just that it's for this period (before 2116) that psychism was studied and admitted by science, initially by the army (of the 1890), then by civil science (1970). We also know that the consortium of the megas corporations was created for this period which considering being born also the first Martian colony..

In 2116, the space colonization was decided after the discovery of space interdimensionnel. it's at this time even as Mars proclaimed its independence and launched an offensive against the Earth with unknown equipment of the human race.

This flash attack decimated 2/3 of the humanity. The surviving countries formed an alliance called Federation to counter Mars, but all their military equipments had almost been destroyed. The Megas Corporations which had their own weaponry proposed to help the federation, thinking thus of extending their power and their influence.

The Megas Corporations which had their own weaponry proposed to help the federation, thinking thus of extending their power and their influence.

During this war, the federation used telepathic soldiers, this new troop was named the Parapsychological Legion. Its role was mainly the information, the misinformation, torture, espionage, the search for traitors etc. This troop became quickly after the war the enquiry of the federation, gaining in power and in influence each day, it was recalled federal Para-Psychique army, and was separated from the military command to have to it own, this army remains under federal control

Mars was overcome by the commandor Kabalt's army who carried out his troops itself, while always remaining in first line, this victory takes place into 2127. The planet was brought back under Fédéral domination after the population and the Martian army were almost entirely decimated at the time of the bloody combat. The little of survivors questioned by the parapsychological body told that little time ago after an incident on one of the most important mines of the Croon corporation of sector 9 of Mars, the population became like insane, frantic, little after was the turn of the leaders, who raised an army with an unknow equipment. All the investigations undertaken after this conflict over Mars showed failures.

The mysteries of this strange Martian technology was never elucidated because all the elements were destroyed.

Technology Cyber and Bio come from the dark ages known a very great rise into 2153, with the appearance of energy transmitters of new generation. In 2158, a data-processing virus decimated the growing old intercom network which was very quickly replaced by a virtual matric system which connects its user by the thought thanks to an extremely complex resourcefulness electrode... This new network was created by Yvon Jack, who be suspected to sent the virus. The new system is called Tn2, but the users calls it the matrix.

Space colonization continued into 2250, date on which a planet was discovered in the sector Taurus 27. This planet was baptized Jade because of its green color. After a few months of work of terra-forming, a team of construction discovered a wreck, a black huge strange vessel. The Federation sent a military detachment accompanied by various scientists in this vessel. The team found a black and gold warhammer with multiple inscriptions on its handle.

Extraterrestrial people made contact 6 hours after this discovery, claiming the stray and the hammer. This race arised under the Orus name. The Federation ordered with its detachment as fast as possible to bring back the part on a basis of lunar research, thus being unaware of the Orus request.

A war then burst 20 hours after this request. Humanity was very quickly crushed by the technological and psychic superiority of their attackers. The war was in a rare violence, Orus combatants looks already died .

At the time of what was to be the final Orus assault, March 5 2253, an unknown force attacked Orus and human. Their vessels looks strangely to the stray discovered on Jade. The lunar secret base was it also attacked and destroyed, the stray as for it disappeared at the time of this assault. Finally, this mysterious Force quickly disapeared.

Orus and Humans signed a peace treaty, Orus divided an even little their technology and to know to them with the human ones, they explained to human that the army with black vessels was unknown for them, but that they had found in ruins on a remote planet an old text speaking about Jade and the stray, as well as the great threat that it represented. The planet Orus mother remains unknown human race, as well as the majority of their culture. The Orus people are of humanoïde type, with a third eye in the medium of the Face, these people is people of warrior functioning with a theocratic mode. Orus have a very powerful caste of monks combatants: Nemesis. Severals humans could integrated Nemesis (The first was the honourable Najîn (name given by the orus) in 2277), some say it's still living now.

The federation which counted 1200 planets signed an alliance pact with Orus into 2280.

In 2283, the alliance was attacked by unknown people of human type, but has technology equivalent to the orus. Their vessels were same as the the stray found on Jade and than the force having attacked in the past. Close of one century later, after huge and bloody fights the enemy dominates. But the situation was mysteriously turned over to the continuation of a Némésis raid. The war finally ended into 2379 when the alliance forces, directed by the commandor Allan Tekaros, the Orus War Master calledTaller Nayan Chaän, and Najïn, invaded the black planet XechPrimus, cradle of the invader.

The circumstances of this war remain very mysterious, one even says that the black planet was only a minor base of an empire much vaster. The war ended into 2379. 2380 was issued like the year of the rebirth of the federation.

In the year 14, Satchen, a rebellious Master of war to the head of an army of a few billion of men, tried to invade Zarech.This planet was destroyed by the federation. On the Satchen's standards, we recognize symbols that no one had seen since black planet.

It's on this occasion which the federation made public an information: that of creation in 2312, with the help of the Nemesis of 13 federal knighthood houses.

Each house lives on a planet fortress which contains each one 50 000 men. Among them, 10 Masters of the level nemesis, and each house has its Master of war (of main level nemesis).

One as learned from Orus as the name Nemesis was rather recent. Some say that this name came following treachery from half of the nemesis during the conflict against black planet, but no body knows some more...

we knows only that the para-psychic army undertook to exterminate the Nemesis, but they failed

Situation of telepathic and Psykers of the Federation: the para-psychic army and Nemesis are the two only institutions authorized to train and use people having of psy faculties. These faculties are latent at all people, a shock or a drive can awake and increase them. The para-psychic army and Nemesis seek the psykers and telepathes through the federation. When they're found, they have two choices, either to join one of the two factions, or to be eliminated by the parapsychic army which considers all telepathic or psykers independent like a potential danger. Nevertheless each méga corporations seek and use semi-officially the telepathic ones for example safety, industrial espionage, recruiting of worker ... Federal army uses psykers, formed by the para-psychic army, the war magus. .

The para-psychic army and Nemesis have difficult to locate the telepathic ones and Psykers. The simple "médiums" not interest the parapsychic army

Now, the Consortium has a huge power, it is composed of 17 mega corporations :

Tyroll : Its activities are : Cybertechnology, Armament, High Tech Electronics, Biotechnology. Takashima : Civil vehicle, space Vehicles, military Vehicles.
MegaFrame : High Tech Electronics, cybertechnology, entertainments. WaveCorp : Vehicles of terraforming, terraforming, armament.
Vindico : Armament, vehicles civil and military, space infrastructures and space vehicles. Croon Sidetech : Armament, space infrastructures, psychic research, High Tech Electronics, inter dimensional research.
Saan : Armament, vehicles civil, terraforming. SuoYahma : Civil vehicles, entertainments.
Transcom : Communications. ZedeenGoth : Cybertechnology, Biotechnology, High Tech Electronics.
Angel Corp : Public transport, civil Vehicle, terraforming.
Space unlimited : Civil transport and goods space, inter dimensional Research and exploitation..
Brouzouf Bank : Chain Banks. Macht Brouzouf : Chain Banks.
Zetlet Bankum : Chain Banks. Nano supra : High Tech Electronics, armament, cybertechnology.
Varandine : CybertechnologieCybertechnology, biotechnology, High Tech armament, military transport.  

Each mega corporation has a private army and several also mercenaries employed by syndicates. Some are specialized in assassinations and in cleaning.

The Federation itself has difficults to maintain under its laws the Consortium, and only a silly man would attack the Consortium.That Jhon Von Nash, investigator (name given to the mercenaries private and elected by the federation) tried against Vindico, and as disappeared a few months later. .

3.Mod Story.

You belong to a Syndicate of crime specialized in "cleaning". This Syndicate is semi-officially related to Croon, for which you carry out various missions in exchange of various equipment. 4 days ago, Croon contacted you to inform you that one of these experiments "has skidded". You must, Agent of the Syndicate, to eliminate all signs of this experiment. We haven't received any other information about the type or the kind of the experiment. .

Another detail: The shock troops of the Federal Army will be on the spot, to undoubtedly recover the crumbs or to destroy all this mess, you have order to kill them at sight. Good luck my brother, the Syndicate is the father, the Syndicate is the mother, glory with the Syndicate


This mod is composed of 3 parts:

The battle royal : This is here that the Syndicate selects its members. The survivor of this test is accomodated in the Holy Family.

In term of play, the battle royal occurs in round. When a player is dead, he becomes a ghost. When a player spawn, he has a random weapon with only one charger, but it can have an armor and no weapons. All that is managed by the luck, the goal being to be the last alive .

System of Frags:+1 Frags by kill. +3 Frags for the survivor. +5 Frags for the last kill of the round. -5 Frags for a "commit suicide".

The BountyKiller : You are an hunter of premium. In term of play, at the beginning, the player choose his model and his weapons and his equipment. A player is randomly designed to be the "hunted ". The aim of the other players is to kill the hunted. Of course the hunters can also kill the other hunters :-) The hunter who kill the hunted become hunted and the hunted, hunter.

System of Frags:+1 Frags by kill for the hunter. +2 Frags by kill for the hunted. +10 Frags for the hunter who kill the hunted. -5 Frags for a "commit suicide".

the Coopérative : Brother, kill our enemies. In term of play, at the beginning, the player choose his model and his weapons and his equipment. Then all players spawn and must fight against monsters soldiers directed by the IA (artificial intelligence) and success their mission. The game is composed ofround, as soon as everyone died, the round restart. When a player dies, he becomes ghost. It is undoubtedly the more fun mode of play. .

System of experiment: The player gains experiment by kill or when he finish an objective. Experiment gains levels and these lasts increase your hit points, your speed, and your precision. Of course, you lose levels when you kill your brother or when you commit suicide.


Melee weapons :

1. Fusion WarHammer : it releases a plasma field when it hits his poor victim.

2. Chain Saw Sword : cut as well human as beast.

3. Energy Sword : its blade is surrounded with a beautiful energy field, which is very elegant in party.

light weapons:

1. Croon PM RC 28 : beautiful heavy and automatic pistol.

2. 444 bear killer : Heavy calibre pistol, can kill a bear in one bullet.

3. Canon Of the terror : Weapon from the technologic middle age, this sawed off shotgun can kill as well boar as human.

4. Croon pm66 :Sub machine gun with a very high velocity, particularly in high speed mode.

Assault weapons :

1. Croon FA 18 : beautiful weapon, can shoot in full auto and has an integrated shotgun.

2. Official Federal rifle : High velocity rifle, provided with a scope..

3. Vindico Plasma Sniper Rifle Sw : this weapon shoots ionised shell on very long distance. The shells can rebound on obstacles.

4. Croon Nm 33 Sniper Rifle :Appreciated by assassins for his velocity and precision.

5. Saan Auto Shotgun : Weapon from the technologic middle age, this shotgun can shoot burst in your head.

6. Benelli m3 : Weapon from the technologic middle age, this shotgun is perfect to hunt, with your friends, marines and beasts

7. Grenade Launcher Vindico XA 13 : grenade launcher with two rotaries tubes.

8. Minigun : Weapon from the technologic middle age, very high velocity weapon but also very heavy.

9. Nuclear Rocket Launcher : No comments :-).

Each weapon has a kick compensator (on the canon, or the butt...) and an internal interface connected to glasses.

The interface is a kind of little box placed in or on the weapon, it allows to show a sight exactly where the weapon is directed from, with some weapons it also allows a zoom. This system allows more accuracy than in our days,of course the position of the shooter is still important : a crouching shooter wil be more useful than a shooter who stands up and very more useful than a shooter in movement. The interface also show the number of bullets in the barrel. The glasses can be connected on a cyber system control, which indicates at any time the health of the sujet"

Cybertek :

1. Cyber Legs : increase the speed of the player

2. Targeting System : increase damages by 1.5.

3. Armor Skin : give 50 of armor, protect all except the head.

4. Cyber Torso Armor : give 100 of armor, protect only the torso.

5. Cyber Skull and torso Armor : give 100 of armor, protect the head and the torso.

6. Medikit :heals you and your friends.

7. Adrenaline Surge : give you 50 more life points.

8. Special Assassin Equipement : surprise

9.CyberEyes : Do You like seeing in the night ?

Equipments :

1. Grenades

2. Mines

3. Satchel

4. PitBull.


There are 3 kind of Non Playable Characters(NPC) : Neutrals, federal troop, and " creatures ".


Scientists : They are often the targets of coop missions, These scientists who are working for croon représent a real danger, in fact they run very fast to flee you :-)

We repeat it : NO ONE FLEE THE SYNDICATE. I say we must shoot them ... So it's always funny . Tryzo

A venir : les civils.

Federal troops

Chock troops :

Composed of the elite of the federal wariors. the members of these troops can be armed with Federal equiped with IDS (bullet with density detection) ot with vindico shotgun 12. they also carry grenades et other heavy explosives

They are lucky to be many, alone he will not be so proud . Tryzo

Search and destroy squad :

The more you know them, the less you like them, these brutes of the federal army are armed with IDS Barret 81 sniper rifle , or with gatling VINDICO MLH 42, and with a great variety of explosives . Their warrioring tactic is monstruous, be caution to don't be shutted in by them

Sorry, I didn't have the time to see them, I always see the Light before. Tryzo

Cop :

Don't mesestimate him. So he's slow but his glock shot is good vicious as the stone marten

Assassin :

Black are there closes, glock 17 with silenter is its weapon, and the Death is her friend.

Apache :

This antiquity is coming out from the technologic middle ages but it still in use by the federal troops for not very important mission. Becareful of its gatling and rockets.

What to say about this flying weapon ... Cover you . Tryzo

The " creatures "

Cyber Minotor :

This demon is coming out from a man unknown universe. He's (it's ?) half a demon, half a machine, one of his arm is a high velocity three tube machinegun. It's so dammageable that you don't have his weapon to kill him. A little advice : don't engage him in close combat.

Gargan :

If you see him, it's already too late. This demon can endure many bullets before loosing the soul that he doesn't have

The Light I see It oooooooooooooooooooohhhhh . Tryzo


This half-demon have an impressive endurance… He runs twice faster than human, uses static electricity to generate fireballs that he throws on their victimes. His great force made him a killer in close combat.

Demons' slaves :

This creature can do only two things : engaging you in close combat or fleeing away to avert other monsters that you are here. Did I mention that they run twice faster than you and can kill you in two hits ?

Sectum Haoum Dark :

Some scientists sold their souls to a dark power, now they are demon's dog

They ran away humanity but they will payback

werewolves :

Very agressive, tres strong, very bad, these legendary creatures are fearsome

One time I saw one, I lost one eye, one arm and then my leg. Jacob The seller

zombies :

Slow, stupid, but starving

the problem with the deads is that they are already deads. Graam, bounty hunter

Marines zombies :

Fast, Strong, armed, and already deads

A good marines is a dead marines, except when it still dead but alive.... Jack Crutum, Desert stone marten

Other minors creatures are existing, but their insignifiance doesn't allow us to mention them here…

7.Spécificities .

-Weight of the weapons have an influence on the character speed

-shooter position and movement have an influence on his accuracy

-Realistic weapon recoil, particulary for the render

-Particles engine, can for example simulate rain, snow, flames, smoke

-Character speed down after great fall or when legs hurts

-Management of critic, perfect, desastrous, and very desastrous hits.

-damage more or less shuffled as in a role playing game.

-Damage localised and realistics even if I don't be often hit by bullet in the reality

-IA : Squad strategy. management of the bravour and moral. Management of the interactions : when an ennemy see another dying or being hurted, he runs to see what happened. If an ennemy heard suspects sounds, he patrols where he heards the sounds. If an ennemy is hurt, he searches the shooting origin, if he doesn't find it, he takes cover. All suspicious changes will be interpret by ennemies, who will patrol. It runs with all kinds of ennemies, but some of them have a better perception. the werewolves, and the demons' slave couldn't be surprised due to their super senses


To come